Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sony Xperia S unboxing

Well ladies and gentlemen, the much anticipated Sony Xperia S phone has taken a while to launch in Kenya as compared to the rest of the global markets. That does not mean that it is not in the market but only that the official launch has not has not happened. Thanks to Anisuma Traders I was able to lay my hands on a piece at there CBD store after several attempts since this phone is selling out like "a hot cake". 

So without further a do, I wanna do my first ever unboxing of the 2012 Sony NXT phone in Kenya.

The phone cones in a somehow white box with a Sony logo and the picture of the phone, I am not a design guy but I must say it sure looks good. I was so excited to open up the box an do a comparison  between the Xperia S and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S and I must say Xperia S takes it all. I the box, you will find the instruction manual, battery, USB cable, charger  and the earphones. I was hoping to see NFC tags but maybe they will come with the official launch products for this is the main selling point for Sony as far as I am concerned.
I like the design and the way the phone feels in my hands. Its good to see Sony adopting a more of a boxier design with an inbuilt battery and a micro sim. The display is bright enough as you can see in the video below and the phone comes with Ginger bread which has custom skin by Sony and I must say the UI is sweet. Its sad though that such a flagship is launching without ice cream sandwich but the customization with the inclusion of Sony features such as the EXMOR R, Xloud, Bravia engine as well as 3D picture makes this phone a must have and that's why its the fastest selling phone in China and the stocks keep running out in the UK. I did have a few issues using the touch interface at the bottom of the phone but I guess time to get used to this. My other issue is about sound but I might as well assume it is the music.

I am very sure this phone is going to be a hit if Sony lets marketing work for them since they already have a presence and if only they launch in time and with NFC tags. Take a look at my unboxing below and let me know what you think.

The Box
Side by side with Xperia Arc S
The unboxing

Remove able back cover
See through stripe
inbuilt Battery 
What comes in the box

 Screen shots.



3D Camera

New track ID

Sound Settings

Dial Pad

3D image from camera

Indoor image