Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kenyan Apps on My Android Phone

Kenya is the land with peculiar habits as the saying goes. We are a creative bunch and for sure give us a bit of chance and we will define amazement. We are the cradle of mankind, the best runners and not forgetting our latest exports such as Obama, Mpesa and Ushahidi. 
This is just but the beginning of great things but it depends on what point or side of the fence you are seated on. So how do developers get to move from a great application to a great and well received application on the marketplace given the fact that a majority of the consumers are not techies and will only go with what is popular? How does a Kenyan App developer achieve more than 5,000 downloads and not necessarily in Kenya but around the world? I have been able to discover great applications online by reading reviews from the most trusted sources as well as developers who utilize twitter, Facebook and even the mainstream media just to have their applications out there. From there henceforth it’s a movement that as downloads happen so does the momentum and just before you know it you have the likes of Angry Bird superstar applications.
I personally have been able to sample a few applications and I will not hesitate to recommend a few developers as well quality of the job done.

Nonini the Godfather
This will most definitely be amongst my favorite Kenya applications. It is a well done application with the necessary features of a music streaming app. The application is available free for download on Google Play where it has more than 5000 downloads. With the official Nonini Mobile App you will be able to Stream music, watch videos, see pictures, read there blog and tweets and see when they are playing a show near you. Stay connected for the latest updates on Nonini (The Godfather) on your mobile device.

Mocality is Kenya's largest business directory, and with their Android App you are able to find local businesses in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret and Nyeri, with more cities coming soon. View contact details, and map details of business locations, as well as products and services offered. This is a well-received application as well and no doubt it’s well done.

Ushahidi is a web and mobile platform that allows you to create, visualize and share stories on a map. It allows individuals to share their stories on their own terms using the tools they already have. Ushahidi is free and open source software, so anyone can get involved by visiting http://community.ushahidi.com. Sync with any Ushahidi deployment. Send reports with images and location data as well as receive alerts from others who have sent in reports to the site. Works in offline mode

Kenya Football for Android
I am not really a soccer fan leave alone the Kenyan version but I must say this is great application and review on the Google play is jolly good. Kenyan Football has grown in popularity of late and you don’t need to be a Gor Mahia or Ingwe fan to notice this hence this App to meet your soccer needs.  Kenyan Football for Android application gives you the best information in the flourishing and exciting Kenyan Premier League. This application has also received a great user review on Google play and I do believe sky is the limit for the developer as the fan base keeps growing. All it needs is proper exposure and constant updates.
Well, above are some of the apps that I have had a chance to run on my phone. Go ahead and download them on your droid and let me know what you think of them. While on that, please feel free to share any other great local applications that you have stumbled upon.
The question still remains, what our developers do to make it big. Feel free to share your ideas.